About .coop and other domains

I want to share some ideas to make grow the use of .coop.
Here we have some cooperatives that can’t face at the beginning the cost of .coop, for that reason they use a local domain or .com an after that they just have a website and brand and is difficult to change it.
I don’t know if it is possible but I think that a “first year bonus” for some cases or something like that will help to grow up the use of .coop.


Yes. I have gotten such a discount informally, by contacting the staff directly. It would be great if that startup discount were available more publicly.

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Yes, the price remains a barrier to many. Some years back they had a ‘first year free’ offer. Ideally the price should be substantially reduced on a permanent basis - a flaw that goes right back the original design thinking for the TLD - but in the absence of that the first year free option should be reinstated.

Hi all,

Tom from DotCoop here - glad I can be of help directly!

Yes essentially the methodology of DotCoop for 2019 is the creation of channels through which cooperatives all around the world can get access to .coop easily. In that way, we at DotCoop (the wholesale part) cant tell our channels how to provide (or how much to set the price) for .coop domains, but some of these registrars/retailers will do promotions on .coop where possible in order to get better penetration and visibility of the cooperative domain. The First Year Free offer was something run by our in house retailer Domains.coop and something like that may be taken up by other channels in the future, or similar local initiatives based on specific sectors or regions.

At the moment we are gathering as much information and data to help guide our partners on successful promos. If you have any ideas that would be helpful for the channels then you can get in touch with me through tom@domains.coop and I’d be happy to talk them over! Our goal is to make the process as straightforward for cooperatives as possible, both new startups and longer running, bigger organisations.

Thanks all for your answer, we want to help .coop to grown up, in our Federation (www.facttic.org.ar) we only have the 30% using the .coop and is not easy to change.
@Tom we would like to know more about the channels and partners, we will contact by email.

Hi Pablo,

Absolutely lets have a chat about it, thank you for your interest - there is loads of ways we can all help .coop to grow and thus, the power and visibility of the Cooperative movement online! I look forward to your email, best regards


It may take several years for a cooperative to get off the ground. I strongly suggest membership levels, ie, a bootstrapping level may be there for quite some time. You could request that there be an actual legal entity (this isn’t hard, but keeps squatters out). Currently, I have a cooperative I’m boostrapping, but it’s going to be a few years, I’m using a .org. After two years, it’s not reached the point where there’s anything more than an “incorporator” since the board hasn’t been formed yet. I’ll eventually make it, but it’s going to be a decade long project since this particular cooperative involves advocacy and finding just the right set of initial members.

Could you base it upon annual net revenue? (ie, income less cost of goods sold)? Have it set at the minimum of $15/year or .5% of annual net revenue till $100/year or something. If it scales by revenue, I think it also aligns .coop with its membership base… the bigger it is, the more it should be expected to contribute to the cooperative movement as a whole. In fact, I don’t see a reason why it couldn’t be tied to membership in the ICA and be $1K/year. Once you’ve reached hundreds of thousands in net revenue, supporting the cooperative movement broadly is a reasonable expense.

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Interlinking it to ICA membership is an interesting idea.

I don’t know what ICA membership fees are like, but practically speaking the organisation very probably lacks the capacity to handle many thousands of members effectively. For the most part it looks like ICA members are national scale federations and suchlike.

I think you’re probably right. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a discussion around pricing models. :slight_smile: ie. @cce’s idea could be further developed here, and maybe when/if the ICA is looking at new revenue models for the .coop domain we can use this as a starting point.

For me, having pricing linked to turnover, or some other similar measure, sounds very complex to manage. In favour of simplicity I go back to the ‘first year free’ offer which as far as I know was successful as it made adopting a .coop domain name on startup a no-brainer. Without it I find that I have to make the case to use .coop as against a cheaper alternative, to founding members who are often new to the co-op movement and not particularly tech-savvy. It’s an uphill battle.

At the same time it remains my long-held view that the renewal fees are too high. By making the price competitive with a .com, bearing in mind the eligibility checks, coupled with a campaign to drive adoption, the numbers of names registered would grow much more rapidly than is the case now. (I don’t know the current numbers, but it’s been at or about the 10,000 level for what feels like a very long time).

I appreciate that this presents a risk for the registry (and ICA/NCBA) to some degree. At the same time, with such a low level of adoption, .coop is not living up to its potential to operate as an effective shared social brand for cooperatives globally, or as a key trusted space online for ethical business.

What’s needed is a more entrepreneurial approach driven by a thorough understanding of digital, and a clear vision for what .coop could deliver. A small part of that was achieved by tying .coop in as an inherent element of the co-op mark (https://www.coop/get-the-coop-marque/), but again the adoption rate is not high enough.

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Why coop domains are so expensive?
Shouldn’t cooperatives get cheaper .coop domains?
Do you know what provider sells cheap .coop?

There reasons for .coop being so expensive is a long story.

Co-ops are supposed to be the only people who can get a .coop (one reason they are more expensive is due to the cost of checking whether or not people registering are co-ops)

I use https://gandi.net to register .coop domains as 1) they are great registrar, and 2) they are cheaper than elsewhere too (but still expensive)

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I’ve also used Gandi but haven’t get to compare their .coop domains with other providers.