Blockchain based Transactions

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I am the new member from ULCCS. I was wondering if any co-operative is using the Blockchain based technology for implementing the transactions to achieve the tamper-proof records for the transactions. Please let me know.
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Hi there @adminUlccs (JK)
The only co-op that I’m aware of that is using blockchain tech is which uses and manages the FairCoin cryptocurrency -

There are a couple of big blockchain tech projects that are in the works that are supposedly co-op friendly: Rchain, which is set up as a co-op in the US -
and Holochain -
Neither of these projects yet has anything that is production-ready in terms of tech, but both have lots of involved people and lots of interest.

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There are a few more out there that I’m aware of. is a project of North American credit unions applying various distributed ledger solutions to credit union challenges.

And I believe the project is built around collaboration with credit unions.

Here’s a proposal for a crypto credit union, Mensarii.

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HI, Uralungal team. Really happy to see you here.

Blockchains are known for tamper proof-ness. I think it will be better if you specify the usage.
Looking for an alternative for money itself, then as Graham said, faircoin is been for a while.
In case of smart contracts, you might have to build on your own.
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Hi Joice, Graham and ntnsndr,
Thank you for the insights. Sure…I am part of the technology organization inside ULCCS. We are trying to develop some Blockchain based applications , not really cryptocurrency, where you can use it for tamper-prrof process of Purchase decisions, supplychain managment etc . Do let us know if there is any use case that any organization (ofcourse co-op) needs to deal with blockchains, we could also collobarate and see if we can do something there.


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I know of that uses blockchain tech for the purpose of a platform co-op ride hailing organization.

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And I’ve just recently become aware of just up the road from me in Leeds. Their cryptic (pun intended) website doesn’t yet explain much about what they are up to, other than that is blockchain based.


You probably actually already know this @Graham, but for those who don’t:

Holochain is NOT a blockchain.

It uses cryptography and enables Distributed Apps, but is about 10,000 times faster/ cheaper than using a blockchain-based platforms like Ethereum.

Worth reading this from one of the co-founders:

" Stop the Nonsensus! (Nonsense Consensus): Systems will never scale if you require global consensus for local actions by independent agents."

I’ve always like this article about how to avoid pointless blockchain projects (TL;DR: the vast majority of projects are NOT suited to blockchains which actually have very limited valid use-cases)

This from the Open Data Institute is good too:

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Thanks @jdaviescoates for the clarification. I was using the term ‘blockchain’ as a generic descriptor of the type of tech involved, but yes, for the pedantic among us Holochain and RChain, and now CoBox as well as I understand are using technologies that might be described as “blockchain 3.0” in terms of how far they’ve developed from the original Bitcoin-type blockchain tech.