Can we have a "tech-coops" category?


We’re about to post about the idea of having Show&Tell meetings, oriented to developers members of tech-cooperatives, to exchange knowledge and know each other better.

We also invite several members of tech-coops to this platform, so maybe is a good idea have a category related to tech-coops… what do you think?


I think it’s a good idea but I think we need to have the IT committee decide. @ghacquard should we convene a meeting to discuss?

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This has already happened by the name of coopathon I think it happens in 2018 in India. Jayisrinat from the ICA-AP office is a key person and a technical consultant for the event.

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Hi @Ahsan808 !

Regarding the Show&Tell, maybe it was misunderstood, it is not an event, in fact we’re already doing it by video call, with the people of CoTech and other tech-coop’s developers around the world.

and @KevinM, regarding the category, besides this post of Show&Tell, it’s because we’re inviting a lot of tech-coops members that are related to ICA to this network, and we think that it’s a good space to have our discussions…

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Completely agree. The more the merrier I say. But my understanding from speaking to @Hyungsik is that we need to get permission from the ICA/the committee on new categories.

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I understand now.
I do not have knowledge in this regard.
And truly a new category could be worth a while.

That is different. Good work Kevin.

I understand that a category on technology cooperatives is so on the topic of the forum, that it does not seem necessary to ask permission


This is an absurdly bureaucratic and hierarchical process to follow for a web based discussion forum.

If the users of this site are not trusted to make sensible changes to it, like the creation of a category for tech co-ops, then it is probably never going to take off as a viable community forum.

I’d suggest that the ICA/the committee should agree to allow the trusted users of this forum some autonomy in the way it is managed and run and that this could involve agreeing to make some people moderators and admins and devolving day-to-day forum decisions to them.


Hey Chris et al,

Apologies for the confusion and sorry for the delay in responding. I was under the impression that a new category would be a new group with formal structures, etc. which is why I held up the creation of that category. This isn’t the case and I realize that now. I’ve set up a Tech-Coop category.

There are several admins already and I agree the users of this forum should have autonomy in running it. I am also a volunteer and don’t work for the ICA so I would be one of those people making day-to-day forum decisions along with Neto. I ask for your understanding as I’m learning as we go.


Hi Kevin!

Yes, it’s just a tag for organize the content, and I have enough structures with Cambá and FACTTIC :see_no_evil:, so the idea wasn’t create new ones…:blush:

I really like what it is happening here, people from the cooperative movement, tech-coops, service coops, etc; people with different backgrounds and visions, I found it very rich and I think that it’s a space to learn a lot…

best wishes,


Regarding this:

I think that we can write it collaboratively, I’ll start, I don’t have the ability to write it correctly in English as a final text, but here are some ideas:

Many tech-coops of the world are in contact in different networks, in regions or countries, so the general porpouse here are the issues that involve tech-coops related to the ITNetwork:

  • Knowledge exchange, as the show&tells, trainings, hackatons, etc.
  • Discuss about the development of products or services for other cooperatives.
  • Planning events, gatherings, etc.

On the other hand, I think that also it could be a place to interact with other actors of the network, so we may have threads to know each other better, like what tech-coops can do and what not, what we have to learn and what we can teach…

Let’s continue this :blush:


Hi! any update about this?
Maybe we cand dedicate some time for this, thinking in the coop-a-thon and the meeting in Kigali…

Agreed with chris about minimizing bureaucracy but also feeling empathic toward those figuring out new things.

My main concern about making the ICA forum a “homebase” for international tech worker coop community, is that I’m unsure I understand the governing structure around this space. For example, as a non-exhaustive list: where is it hosted? who makes backups? who maintains/upgrades it? how do we upgrade? how do we enable features/modules that we decide would serve us, and how long does it take? how do “big” decisions get made? do those using the forum most highly get additional voice?

I’m a little wary for the global tech workers movement to move onto a service hosted by folks who are maybe not able to offer autonomy to the members who perhaps have the most experience managing these sorts of spaces.

I am unsure if the above accurately describes this space! I went to “About” page and didn’t see anything about how this place is governed. I would love to see it governed more in the spirit of a user-based platform cooperative, I suppose :slight_smile:

All that aside, I’m grateful for the space! I’m just not sure whether I have the confidence to invest time/energy in it, whereas I know that I trust the leadership and community of the CoTech forum, and am currently much more eager to build up that space within the network :heart:

Of course, open to changing my mind :slight_smile:

Hello @patcon, i can answer some of your concerns, others i can not:
where is it hosted? : It is hosted in, a worker’s owned hosting services from the people of gcoop.
who makes backups?: It’s a me, Rodrigo :wink:
who maintains/upgrades it?: People of gcoop and me.
how do we upgrade? : self-improvement, perhaps.
how do we enable features/modules that we decide would serve us: you open a new thead and if the community like it, we enable it when there is a consensus about it.
and how long does it take?: we are doing this because we have a commitment with the cooperative movement, we are not “getting paid”, not with money at least, but with community and that.

I hope you changed your mind, we are between friends.


Hi Patcon!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts here, I think that your comments are really important in order to define and build this space.

I can tell you what I know about this, since I’m here not since the beginning but closely.

ICA did some research and found that a lot of cooperatives have IT needs to be solved, so they create a space in ICA called IT Network. This IT Network works with the same rules that other spaces in ICA (it have a structure with a board, representatives, etc.) .

We (FACTTIC) arrived here because we are related to ICA through COOPERAR, a big confederation from Argentina, so we’re not members directly. Last year we participated in the first virtual meeting and we offer to host this forum to communicate each other.

In my personal opinion, I think that this place is not for make a “homebase” for international worker tech-coops, but the place where this tech-coops are connected to other cooperative organizations. I think that we have to build virtuous value-exchange relationships to strengthen the social economy.

This is the place where we “connect” with ICA and their members, I think we have a lot to give and a lot to learn here, but I also know that we have different practices about how we organize ourselves, or how we make decisions. We have to figure out how we can work together (or if it’s possible).


@patcon here is the info shared by @ghacquard :