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We use civicrm and it would be great if we could have a coop provide ongoing support to us - they also need to know civi events. I saw 4 on the civicrm expert search. Do you know if they are any good?

Ask @Graham from

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Thanks Chris. Hi Gretchen. Through MC3 I’ve been providing service and support around CiviCRM to a small number of clients over the last ten years or more. MC3 isn’t currently on the list of providers on the CiviCRM website because the fee they charge to be listed is prohibitive, given that MC3’s capacity is limited as a result of the fact that I need to share my time between my work and supporting my son, who is on the autistic spectrum. MC3 gives me that flexibility. That said, we can and do provide a high quality and cost effective service. If you’d like to let me have more details of your support requirements (email:, I’d be very happy to respond.

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Hi @ghacquard we work with Drupal and we made some implementation of CiviCRM (not experts, but have experience), we are expert and partners of SuiteCRM, for that reason CiviCRM is ok to us and think that can help.
We keep in contact

Sorry for the long delay on this Gretchen. is a Montreal based co-operative that develops CiviCRM as part of the core team. They might be able to help (if you haven’t already found a solution.