Co-operative Platform for Digital ID

Has anyone heard of any co-op platforms in discussion or development around creating a Digital ID system that is maintained by a co-operative? Ie. instead of a private company like Google or Apple, etc. being a participant in the OpenID system for single sign on, it’s replaced with a OpenID system that’s managed by a platform co-op. Though I imagine one would need an email address for that system to work, so this would lead to the question; has anyone heard of a co-op run email service? (not just an ISP co-op with a Roundcube installation for their member-users).

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My hosting co-op,, has an OpenID system, as well as an email system. But I don’t really use the ID anywhere else. I wish I could.

Another kind of example is, an effort among North American credit unions to develop a shared blockchain-based identity system.


There is a UK tech co-op which also working on a blockchain based ID system, I’ll point this thread out to them.

We provide one:


We at the ULCCS Cooperative has a IT Wing, which has the Blockchain based Digital ID system. I can get you details if you need. You can email me


Thanks for the heads up @chris

dcdc are working on a general purpose ID system that is user controlled. It has a blockchain element but it doesn’t need it to run. It works client side with the exception of sync server, but running such a server is trivial with encryption end-to-end between user and end-service.

It’s called JUPP, and we’ll email you about it if you email us at - or you can look out for it on twitter @dcdcio or the blog where we’ll no doubt be talking about it a lot in the next few months.


Nice! Lots of responses. Thanks! I’ll look into these on the weekend.

I was thinking of sortof how is a thing, where you pay a fee for service to keep the service running but not being required to sell your data; I expect there to be a digital ID system for official government services (tax, housing, etc.) but I feel like we will all have multiple Digital IDs, for example I don’t want my gmail/social media email connected to my tax information, especially if I’m posting something radical (or just went off the handle) on a social media account. But obviously want to get off the Facebook/Google train.

This is exactly what we’re making.

Our challenge was to make this as user friendly as big tech single sign-on and as robust as PKI.

What we have right now is a user data wallet that they self load (all local) with data (certified or otherwise) and then use that data to build profiles. If you’re familiar with PKI, what we have works as though service providers and users exchange CSRs at the point of creating a data relationship, and human-interact only to create the digital signatures. The underlying processes are automated of course.

We are building an end to end tech example at the moment that demonstrates how to integrate the process inside existing passport.js enabled websites with minimal impact - minimal meaning no harder than facebook/twitter/etc SSO integration.

I’d like to show it but it’s not at that stage just yet. But ask any questions you like about it and I’ll try my best to answer them.

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