Collaboration between Cooperatives - Session

Hi everyone,

Few representatives from the International Coop Community will facilitate a session during the CoTech Spring Break Gathering.

Topic: Collaboration: A journey of building trust

When: Friday 9th of April, 4 pm GMT at ARLAN HAMILTON ROOM

Facilitators: Nicolas Dimarco (FACTTIC / Fiqus), Naska Yankova (Camplight) & Neto Licursi (FACTTIC / Camba)

Summary: How we can evolve cooperative collaboration while building trust, growing our expertise, and getting organized in order to be sustainable, competitive, assemble interdisciplinary remote teams, and transform together to meet the challenges we face today.

Join us and let’s enjoy the discussion with fellows from all over the world. :star:

Thank you CoTech, for making it happen :heavy_heart_exclamation: