CommunityBridge video chat for meetings and events etc

Agaric has been gifted a video chat server similar to Zoom and we are hosting video chatrooms for meetings and events. We can host up to 1000 chatters in multiple rooms, 150 or so in one room, plus we can scale up to hosting thousands of chatters. - nothing to download or install. Try the demo!

Agaric is offering donation-based rooms for large groups (up to 1000) and FREE smaller rooms for those that cannot pay but wish to protect their privacy.
We are using BigBlueButton (BBB) as our chat platform and it is built on free software which means we all have a voice in suggesting features or enhancements! There is more information on the BBB platform here -

BBB is similar to Zoom and it is encrypted. There are many better features provided in BBB, and it protects our privacy.

  1. Easily see who is speaking - their name appears at top of the screen
  2. If you lose your connection and reload, all of the chat messages are still there for you when you re-enter.
  3. Video is HD quality
  4. Easily share the presenter/admin role using the plus sign in a circle at bottom of the screen
  5. Write closed captions in many languages - choose captions from the little gear above peoples names in the list on the left

Agaric is providing a safer way to hold meetings and share time with friends and colleagues while preserving your privacy - not connected to Google or any Corporate services. We have had some great results over the past few months hosting our friends and we are inviting groups that have interesting topics and a community-centric organization to join us on CommunityBridge.

Let us know if you would like to set up a dedicated room for your small/large events and meetings!

This could be the year that we stop supporting the Corporations that oppress us by NOT using their software or products!

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Good day,

That’s great.
May we ask for any reference or a demo to test the platform?

We are interested to avail this service.

Thank you.
Best Regards,

Ryan M. Huesca
Chief Operation Manager

Hi Ryan -
There is a demo room on where you can test drive all the Admin features:

If you like it, sign up for a free room using this form:

Thanks for taking a look!

You can also book an appointment with me for a tour of BBB features and to ask questions.