Coop Developed Social Network Noosfero

Not sure if anyone has heard of this but this is a php developed social network for Brazilian coops. It’s also open source software. Colivre, a co-op based in Salvador, Brazil, develops it. They have a coop network site called

Hi @KevinM

We are in contact with colivre. We can invited to IT Network

Only one issue, noosfero is develop in ruby

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Oh cool! That’s good to know you guys are connected to the Brazilian sector.

I think yes, why not invite them to participate? The more co-op IT people the better. I’m not sure we could get agreement to adopt Noosfero in the future but I think it’s good to have everyone that might have a solution to be aware of what’s going on internationally. Especially if we create a network of co-op IT vendors. :smiley:

Though I do think one thing we should be cautious of is creating rules around participation on the IT Network so well-funded US or European co-op platforms don’t steamroll over Latin American or African or Asian companies. Possibly one-vote per country, with multiple members of a country having a weight towards that individual country vote.

Hi Kevin,

We are in contact with CoTech, a tech co-ops federation of UK. In fact, they have invited us to participate on a video-call at the Cotech Gathering 2018 :smile:

I talked with them about the ICA IT Network and they are very interested on participate…


Wow, that’s GREAT!

We in the Philippines bought our core banking systems from private corporations and experienced hard time incorporating co-op dynamics in our system.

In fact, am now negotiating for the features and speficiations of our new mobile app. with upto 5 modules. If only an IT coop could provide this, we can have a benchmark and possibly introduce to all credit and savings co-ops.


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Of course, the IT cooperatives can provide this kind of services!

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@Ryan I propose to put each of your IT needs into a separate topic space for possible solution discussion.