Coop IT Network Proposal

Dear follow cooperators,
Thank you all for joining this network!
We created this forum to discuss the creation of a proposed IT Network for the cooperative movement, and to test it.
Please click here to find the presentation for your input!
Note: I don’t know how we can add attachments here so in the meantime I am sharing with dropbox…


Very exciting! I’m glad to see this developing. I would love to be helpful if I can.

I’ve been involved in documenting and convening the platform co-op movement. Should I add this platform to the Internet of Ownership Directory and our Connect page?

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this is really excellent and inspiring work that I would deeply like to be able to contribute to meaningfully!!
I feel like in many ways I’m already fulfilling this mission in my own IT Consulting work, just for a very small sub-niche of the US Co–op movement: Namely the retail food co-op sector.

Please let us know by way of this forum or other how myself (and others i imagine) can contribute, participate, advance, etc.

And while i’m at it i’ll just mention: I really like the Possible Products list on Slide 7. I’d add to it something along the lines of:

  • IT R&D/Futureshop - Tech development that employs modern and emerging technologies for the co-operative good, including all the same buzz-wordy tech that our competitors are using to consolidate and dominate, i.e. AI, blockchain, AR, VR, Cryptocurrency, etc.

This is a great initiative! All of those products/services sound great, and these types of coop alternatives are sorely needed.

Another service that I think is needed, is a job-searching site like Indeed but for the coop crowd. I’m actually looking for one of those myself – specifically for recruiting developers – if any one has any tips?

I’m in the process of starting a tech coop at the moment and we’re in fact looking for hosting services, but unfortunately, I don’t think any of the current coop options will be able to “compete” with Google/Amazon in terms of rapid scalability in accordance with increasing traffic. That said, if anyone knows of any bigger scale coop hosting services, I’m all ears! For every product/service that we need, we’re first checking if a coop/b-corp option is available.

What I hope/aim to do once we launch our platform is to post figures of our traffic and bandwidth use, as well as roughly how much we’re paying for these services and then hopefully brainstorm alternative solutions with potential coop providers. I would much rather give my business to a coop at a premium than to Google/Amazon. I used hosting as an example because that’s going to be a core need for us, but this goes for all sorts of APIs and software (e.g. sales tax APIs and accounting software) and any other tech stuff that a business, especially a tech business, might need.

Looking forward to staying up to date with this network and helping out in any way that I can.


I’d suggest that we could do with a seperate thread on this — it is an issue we have been discussing in the UK network of tech co-ops (CoTech) for a couple of years and there are quite a few people who want to solve this but so far we haven’t been able to get very far due to a lack of capital — see for example this thread:

Thanks for hosting this forum, is your presentation public? I was thinking about sharing it on the UK based CoTech forum and was wondering if that would be appropriate?

Good thinking! I started one call Coop hosting services, but wasn’t sure how to “tag” you, if that’s possible on here…? I posted some initial thoughts on how one might get the ball rolling on something like this, and based it on the idea that a company like yours might be a good starting point for expansion.

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Yes, please feel free to share with IT coops, our members and/or IT staff in the coop movement.

Thanks, I have posted it to the CoTech forum:


In order to formalize this IT Coop Network, we need to present the idea to the ICA Governance Committee and Board. We will need to provide a concept note to them in February. I propose to hold an online meeting where we can discuss a draft concept and governance issues like geographic balance. So, please let me know if you’re interested and your availability by filling this doodle poll:

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Hi Gretchen,

I suggest sending this to the original email thread conversation as well please. I don’t think everyone from there has signed up.


Based on popular demand, we will schedule this meeting on Tuesday 22 January at 3pm (Brussels time). Please email me if you want to attend and I will send you the joining details and materials.


Does anyone have a proposal for the name besides Coop IT Network? @Ryan recommended ICA-IT HUB. This is referred as the Heart of the Coop-System as Working-Engine of Cooperatives in the World. Any other ideas?

i like the idea of a Hub, maybe a word play with that?