Coop made Software or Coop Run Services List

Thank you graciously to @ntnsndr from for sharing the starting list. This is a wiki post, meaning you can edit it! Please share and/or add any IT Co-op organizations, software, or services to this list. Try to keep it in alphabetical order.


Dev co-ops



  • Encode – aids in developing “for-purpose” enterprises
  • Kantree – “collaboration & work management platform” developed by Digicoop, a worker co-op
  • The Lean Marketplace – a guidebook for building platform marketplace communities
  • Loomio – open-source decision-making tool created by a worker cooperative

Incubator co-ops

  • Enspiral – “a virtual and physical network of companies and professionals working together to create a thriving society”
  • Hackers/Founders Co-op – “coaches startup founders through a personalized 100+ item checklist. The agenda points founders toward product and pitch development to prepare them for fundraising”
  • Uptima Business Bootcamp – “an innovative network of member-owned business accelerators dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with greater access to hands-on education, resources and community to create thriving businesses”
  • Work Hard PGH – “a #cooperative of digital workers. Our #coop supports businesses of all sizes by providing access to talent, capacity, & capital”


  • Co-op Counsel – “makes it easy to start a cooperative by creating all the legal documents you need and providing personalized legal help”

Platform platforms

  • Co-op Clouds page at The Internet of Ownership
  • CMNTY – “amplifies your ability to connect with people, create meaningful experiences and inspire interaction”
    • Used by
  • Drutopia – “Drupal distributions built cooperatively”
  • Noosfero – “A free web-based platform for social and solidarity economy networks”
  • Sharetribe – “The easiest way to create your own marketplace”

Thanks for this! I keep a list of platform co-op tools on the IoO Stack page, which includes Kantree.


Hey Nathan,

This is great! Do you mind if I cite and duplicate your list in this topic? I’ve made this topic a wiki type so people can add as they see fit.

Please let me know if that’s ok.


I am clueless about the software, But would love to know more about it.

Please do share! Of course. It’s an open resource.

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Hi @KevinM nice little list - however, I’m a little unclear as to what this list is, or is supposed to be? This is a nice list of nice things, but IMHO it’d be nicer/ more relevant if it was just at list of software made by co-ops. :slight_smile: (or if the title was different so that the non-co-op examples still fit)

For example, neither Open Collective nor Sharetribe are made by co-ops. Both have nice open source platforms that could very likely be of interest to co-ops, but neither of the companies behind Open Collective nor Sharetribe are actually co-ops (as nice as they otherwise are - I’ve met some of the founders of both).


Hey @jdaviescoates - nice find. I took the list from @ntnsndr 's page for more exposure and to crowdsource more information. I do agree the list should be only co-op run or developed. So if there are some on this list that aren’t, possibly we should remove it. On the other hand, could we put a tag beside the software in this list that isn’t co-op run or co-op developed saying that it isn’t co-op software but potentially useful? Appreciate your opinion. Definitely want to provide exposure to co-op software and not others (even if they are awesome).


There are many organizations which are not cooperatives but are running a free software hosting and support model that are cooperative in spirit. We should be supporting the developers that are respecting our freedom by paying for support and hosting. For example, or even are 100% open source and permit clients to download their data without harassment. As a 2nd tier, we may want to list consultants and contractors (esp legal & accounting) which serve cooperatives; some of them cannot be legally organized as a cooperative or even if they could, it makes little sense to do so.

It’s with this regard that “Open Collective” belongs in a 3rd tier of services which we may use in order to bootstrap, but ones that we’d prefer to replace with cooperative and/or fully free software alternatives.

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BTW, Our friends in Fiqus have launched CoopHub, “git repos from cooperatives around the world!”.

The site is generated from this repo:

At the moment it only supports GitHub repos but there is an issue for adding GitLab support:

The tweet announcing the launch of the site:



Startin’blox just released an open-source chat. Here is some of its beauties:

  • it’s a chat: you can use it for chatting with your team (just like Slack, but without freemium caps)
  • it’s modular: you can integrate it with other applications. For instance, we are about to release an open-source job board: you’ll thus be able to chat and search for skills;
  • it’s based on Solid standards: we aim for universal interoperability – so intercommunicate with other apps, far broader than the Startin’blox technology
  • it’s a coop technology made for coops: with this app, we want to support the creation of new collectives, and to make collectives able to coordinate and share information in an automatic way

More information on our GitHub:

Reach us if you are interested in deploying it!


Sounds great @Louis (and, hello!), can I play with a demo or even just see screenshots etc somewhere?

Hello! Yes you’re right :slight_smile:
Here is the demo :

I’m looking for a way to include it in my post up there, but I don’t find the way :sweat_smile:
Tell me what you think!