#coopsday interactive map proposal

Hello everyone,

I have recently been speaking to @leire.luengo and @ghacquard about about making #coopsday 2019 as impactful as we can, and something we would like to bring over from #coopsday 2018 was the interactive map that DotCoop put together with @Gildedsplinters using a google maps interface. You can view it here:


What we would like to do is to produce something similar, but to use a coop friendly alternative to Google, and to make it even more interactive and interesting. Perhaps to have some greater depth where we can really get some info on the participants and make it visually striking, we are also thinking of perhaps featuring any contributors, their advertising - or placing their branding/marketing around the map (showing it is a collaborative effort in the spirit of coops day!)

DotCoop is also willing to look at options for mapping apps or paid plans for such a tool if anyone has any great ideas.

Please let us know what thoughts you might have! Any ideas on design or what we could use to produce it?

Thanks for your input! Tom

Good plan, there are a lot of ways to use OpenStreetMap, for example see the map on the CoTech site:

You might get more responses to your other questions on the CoTech community forum since it has more users than this site:

There is also also a jobs board there.

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Cooperatives for a Better World produced a Google-based map for Colorado here. Would be good to get that off the Goog too.

We at gcoop develop ESSApp an OpenStreetMap based “map” of Argentina’s Coops and other Socially based organizations and business.



Some great ideas there thanks, I’ll check them out! Keep the ideas coming!

Many thanks to you all! We may need some support for creating the map and launching it in February.