Democratic Jobs

Hello, I’m a member of Glowbox, a worker co-op in London, UK. We’ve recently launched a new job site to help people find jobs at worker co-operatives:



Hi @JasonC Congratulations! great job!

Excellent idea.

The SSL certificate is not valid, if you want help with that please contact us.



@kedu that is odd, it seems fine to me, the cert I get is valid until 10th Jun 2019, what IP address do you have for the site? I have:

dig +short

Perhaps the time on your local computer is set to a date after 10th June 2019?

Or perhaps you are using a web browser without SNI support and you are getting the cert for

Sorry, I meant since some images are served through HTTP in the home page the browser displayed a “Connection is not secure”. The certificate is fine.



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Ahh! I don’t load any third party assets from sites by default and also have security.mixed_content.block_display_content;true in about:config in Firefox so I miss stuff like this :wink:.

The Why no Padlock? site is handy for tracking down the cause of mixed content warnings.

It appears to me that the WordPress site_url and / or home_url are set to rather than and this is the cause of images being uploaded (and then linked) via HTTP rather than HTTPS.

To fix this I’d use the WordPress command line interface:

wp search-replace "" ""

Redirecting all HTTP requests to HTTPS would also prevent images being added in the future via HTTP, for example add this to the .htaccess file for the site:

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
  RewriteEngine on
  RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on
  RewriteRule ^/?(.*) https://%{SERVER_NAME}/$1 [R,L]
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Thanks very much. I will have a look into fixing this.


Hi ! Very nice, this should exist in Belgium, that would be awesome (but first worker coops need to develop!).
I take the opportunity to share a job offer : we are looking for an Odoo/Python developer here in Belgium for our worker coop:
The job description is in French as we are looking for someone local. Hope some french/belgian people will get this information through this network!

Have a nice day,

PS: don’t know if it was the right post to share this kind of information, but “democratic job” subjects appealed me :slight_smile:

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Thanks Virginie, I hope your posting gets filtered to prospective candidates. Maybe we should make a Co-op job wiki board. Or just link to the site.

How about a “IT Jobs” category on this Discourse site?

We have a jobs category on the UK site and it appears to work OK:

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Hi Chris,
Yes, I’ve seen nice sharing on the topic “Jobs” on CoTech UK site.
Would be nice to have the same here.
Actually, “democratic job” topic could become such topic, I was thinking… !
Thanks for the info anyway :slight_smile:

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Hi Virginie !!

We are a technological cooperative in Argentina - Geneos (coming soon the web will be in English)

We worked with Odoo a few years ago, it would be interesting if we could share experiences and plan to work inter-cooperatively.


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Hi @JFantasia,
Nice to read this!
If you still work with Odoo, do you plan to come to the OCA sprint and Odoo Experience in October 2019?
Would be great to share experiences in this context!
We would really be glad to inter-cooperate on the different projects with work on (Food Coop is one example).
See you!

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Hi @Virginie_CoopITEasy, thanks for your answer !

Regarding the event, it is a bit complicated for us because the date of the year and the distances.

We will follow the news of the event online, it would be interesting for us if you could share your experience.

We are very interested in inter-cooperate work, it would be very great to know more about the different projects and technologies in which you are working.



Hi @JFantasia,
We are cooperating with Coopdev (who is coming to this Discourse I think) about our expertise in FoodCoop on Odoo. They speak Spanish, so if we share info with them, they could also make available information they would produce in Spanish :slight_smile:
Anyway, our website is now in English :
And if you want to organize a call to share info, that would be nice (but we are quite busy this summer and begining of fall, so maybe more after November…)

See you soon!


Hi @Virginie_CoopITEasy

We are in contact with Coopdevs, we receive a call to comment on how we organize ourselves and the projects we are working on.

They gave us a reference to a cooperative module for odoo, I was searching the web, the module allows the management of the members of a work cooperative? especially accounting

It would be nice to have a talk to learn more about IT Easy coop when they can.

Can we exchange emails to continue this way?

Best Regards

I just messaged you in a private thread.

For information, our cooperative module for odoo is maintained on this repo:
The other one you mention is no longer up to date.

Nice week to everyone in the digital coop world!