Design Channel in Mattermost

Hi everybody!! Martu from here :slight_smile:

While organizing future steps and actions in the coordination group of the tech coops community, we thought it would be really cool to have a place where all designers of this community can join and connect.

We thought that on one side, it could be really useful for networking when someone in the community has a design job opportunity or needs some hours of design help to be able to work with someone from here, and on the other side, maybe in the future we could join forces doing design for the community itself, be it branding identity, or any other project that may come up of a hackathon that may need design :slight_smile:
Mainly, it’s an excuse to keep connecting and knowing each other, so if you are a designer or work in the design aspect of your coop or projects, please join us in the Design channel of the patio chat!!!


Is there a link for that? I’m new here.