terminating email and hosting services

John Atherton from Co-operative UK has posted following to the CoTech forum today:

Upcoming Termination of Email and Hosting Services from the registrar

We have recently been informed by our service provider that, as of 1st May 2020, all Email and Hosting products, including website builders, are to be discontinued and will cease to function as of this date. This includes all free email addresses offered with domain registrations. We are sincerely sorry for this abrupt change and are ready immediately to assist with the transition of those services to the best-suited registrar within our global network of domain registrars.

You can refer to the notification we put on our website last week for more information:

Before this date (1st May 2020) you will need to source new Hosting, Sitebuilder and Email providers to replace the existing service. We are ready to assist you during this transition. We have listed (below) other providers of the email and hosting services, from your geographical region, who you may wish to transition to…

UK: -

I don’t know if only wants to support companies that are “within our global network of domain registrars” by suggesting that people move to other hosts that are not co-ops or if they have not considered that there are co-operative hosting services that are not “within our global network of domain registrars” that could potentially take on some of their existing clients and therefore keep some of the email and website hosting within the co-operative movement.

In the UK we are intending to suggest to them that they might consider suggesting that their existing clients migrate to co-ops that can provide the services that are being shutdown, see this thread:

Perhaps it might be appropriate for the same to be done for other parts of the world.


The ICA also prefers, as much as possible, to give our business to coops, so I have emailed domains to ask them to look into offering a coop reseller possibility. Let’s keep each other posted.


Thanks @ghacquard.

As far as I’m aware the only co-operative domain registrar who can register .coop domains directly is themselves (but I could be wrong?), look at the three regional lists here, I can only see one co-op in these lists (

So “offering a coop reseller possibility” isn’t the issue for me here, the issue is, as have stated:

We appreciate it is more ideal for you to manage your web services under one platform, however please note it is very common for websites to have separate domain registrars and hosting providers.

The issue is that they are not suggesting co-operative hosting providers — for example Webarchitects are happy for a domain name registered via to have the DNS servers for the domain at the registry set to our DNS servers as we can then easily configure them for our client’s needs and can also setup services to run on the domain and sub-domains.

The whole registry (the people running the whois for a domain), registrant (the people registering the domain) and registrar (the owners of a domain) terminology can be confusing…

My two main problems with are:

  1. is not a co-op that registrants can join, in fact Nominet, the .uk domain authority, is a far better model in this regard, Webarchitects are Nominet members, we can directly register .uk domain names and can elect and stand for the board of directors, if we wish etc etc — it has a democratic structure like a consumer co-operative where the consumers are the registrants.
  2. Their technical choices have been really poor, they switched from a terrible infrastructure provider in Asia to another terrible one in Europe :roll_eyes:.

Having said that I have a huge amount of time for Finn, who appears to do most the technical work at their office in Oxford, he has always been very helpful and supportive and great to work with :+1:.


Dear cooperators and service users.

We understand there is a discussion ongoing at the moment regarding the registrar’s discontinuation of two of its services.

We would like to confirm that this is only affecting the hosting and email services and not impacting domain registrations.’s first recommendation was to transition these customers to an ICANN-accredited .coop registrar, for an immediate continuation of service.

We do understand that cooperators may want to keep their web services within the cooperative movement. If you know of a service provider that is structured as a cooperative, or are yourself an accredited cooperative involved in web hosting or email provisioning, please submit your credentials to us and we will add you to our recommended partners.

Please contact us for more information about your options - write to

2 Likes , given that it has a .coop name I am assuming is a coop, although in a quick look though I couldn’t see anything about the company.There needs to be more coop registrars. It’s a US company, but that doesn’t really mater for domain names.

Aaron E-J
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The CoTech network has published a page listing their members who can offer email and web hosting services for existing clients of

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Seems not a co-op, unfortunately – just serving co-op sector

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