Global Coop Show&Tell - AI at the service of public institutions


Hi coop friends!

On this occasion we would like to invite you to a new edition of the Global Show&Tell!

We will be showing a tool built collaboratively by five FACTTIC cooperatives, which uses artificial intelligence techniques to anonymize legal verdicts with the aim of opening justice data while identifying and classifying data needed to have metrics that could help to carry out state policies.

We look forward to seeing you this coming Friday, March 26th at 3 PM UTC. To join us you can follow it live on Youtube or join us on a video call where we will also be answering questions that may arise.

To join the call, please register here: Show&Tell: AI at the service of public institutions (we are already working on an alternative to this form).

We are interested that you can join us, since it is a free software project, which could be applied to any country to achieve data transparency in public institutions.

We look forward to seeing you there!

All the best,