How to encourage intercooperation

Many in this network have expressed a concern about how we can reduce competition between IT Coops. How can we ensure diverse voices are heard? Would love to hear about your ideas and experiences.

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We invite developers to look through our leads and help them contact people… More lead sharing and building teams from many shops to work together. Diversity happens and cannot always be planned - it can be a thoughtful process to include people - do it. Why not do the best to feed everyone please:)

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Hi, I’ll share some ideas based on my experience in FACTTIC, where we have a space where we share information about projects and define who want or can do it.

  • First, not all tech-coops do the same kind of project, and we try to not compete in our businesses. For example, there is a cooperative that works over Drupal, others do the same over Wordpress, others do not work with CMS and works in tailored software projects, etc. So you have the first filter related to the kind of project and technologies used.
  • Then, when a project arrives, we inform to the group and wait to hear who are the interested parties.
  • To elect who will do the project (and this is the dificult point), we consider our availability, capacity and need, and we try to be real honest between us. If I have plenty occupation, I’ll not take a new project, I’d prefer that other coop take it. We haven’t a formal process to do this, we discuss it in our meetings.
  • Other thing to consider is the scope of the project. If it’s a big project, we try to conform inter-cooperative teams, because is a way to empower the cooperatives and because… we like it :smiley:. If we have small projects is better that be taken by a single coop.

We are doing this for three years, and we’re constantly changing the way to do it, so I think we don’t have the final answers but we do have a lot of failures :stuck_out_tongue: (and we learn from them).


Hi there.

Based in my experience (5 - 6 years) in Social Economy in general I think there’s certain misunderstanding of what “intercooperation” means.

There’s a first approach, very close with what @neto shared which can be thought as an opposition to compete. In this case where there’s one opportunity and more than one Coop (or other kind of Social Economy organization) that can execute the project I suggest another term, for instance “share”.

In my humble opinion intercooperate is another thing, is combine different assets (people, skills, knowledge, contacts, tools, etc.) to achieve horizons where the individual organizations can’t arrive by themselves alone. And I use one example, there’s some opportunities, such as Horizon 2020 projects, that are very hard and competitive, but who knows if combining the power of some of the coops that are here we can submit a proposal and win a project.

This is the “use case” that I would really like to work on.



I really liked your vision about “intercooperation” :smiley:

I think that this two different approaches can be combined. The first one is useful to help the development of new cooperatives, or improve unstable cooperatives, the second one is start thinking in innovation.

In FACTTIC we have both cases, new and unstable cooperatives, and “old” or more stable cooperatives, so I think that we can work in both ways.

We’re now in UK, visiting the cooperatives from CoTech, in order to get know each other and develop collaboration strategies.

So, about Horizon 2020 projects, you are talking about this Is there a project that you have seen and could be interesting?


P.S.: Maybe you can complete your profile info, to let us know more about you. I’ve found this:, it is your coop right? Y como son de España, te mando saludos en español también :smiley:

abrazo cooperativo!

Thanks for your reply.

We updated our profile a little bit.

And regarding H2020 projects it was just an example, those projects are extremely competitive (around 1-3% of proposals success), but it’s something that more consolidated cooperatives (is not yet our case) should consider.

Abrazo desde Barcelona.

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I find this topic very interesting.

From my point of view, I somehow agree with both visions of what “intercooperation” means. I mean, I don’t see them as opposing definitions, I see them as complementary.

I think that the first step in order to think about intercooperation is to generate relationships of trust between co-operatives. This is achieved by sharing spaces, debating, getting to know each other face to face and somehow managing to maintain that relationship built in time.

During that process, we will build a network of cooperative relationships that will facilitate the next step, which will be to share a project, either to achieve greater scale in the type of projects we seek to develop, to work with another cooperative and thus strengthen the cooperative movement or to add different profiles within the project that don’t exist in our cooperatives to achieve the same goal together.

So the next question that comes to mind is: What are those spaces that we should share in order to strengthen relationships between co-operatives and thus build trust?

At Fiqus, we are thinking about how to participate and help to build those spaces. Certainly, participating in this type of forum is a beginning, but how do we take it to another level?