Infracon 2019 – Barcelona – March 28th 2019

Anyone going to this? @buttle are you free and near by?

Infracon 2019 – Barcelona

The Infracon Open Day invites technology groups, NGOs, organized civil society and media in Barcelona to discuss technology solutions for self-determination and autonomy on the Internet. Register your participation below!

Infracon – is a global conference for independent Internet service providers working on solutions for autonomous infrastructure. eQualitie and Pangea are bringing together several dozen organizations including, Greenhost, RiseUp, LEAP, Autistici, GreenNet, Colnodo, CodigoSur, AlterMundi, APC, MayFirst among others, to work together on common web platforms, authentication systems and network solutions – creating viable alternatives to the corporate cloud.


Yes, I am going. In fact, it’s to be held in the same municipal building I am involved with setting up and maintaining a free software infrastructure. The first council building in Barcelona to run 100% free software!

We are especially interested in sharing common Infras. So far we are running a server in the building dedicated to backups that varios collectives are using.


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That is great to hear, I hope it goes well and Webarchitects would be very interested in getting involved in the future, sorry we can’t make it to this event.