IT Network Welcome

Hello! Post your introductions here;

I’m thinking everyone could reply to this topic with:

Their name;
What co-op they work with/for and their position;
What skills they have related to IT;
What they’re interested in IT related;

I’ll start:
Kevin Morris
Canadian Credit Union Association as a Manager, Data Analytics
I know a lot about Tableau, SQL, and have a good understanding of the data analytics process. I also know a lot about knowledge management systems and different vendors for analytics tools.
I’m interested in building out this collaborative community and also proliferation of co-op platforms.

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Leandro Monk
FACTTIC - TIC Worker Coops Federation and gcoop (my base coop)
We work only with FOS Sotware.
I’m interested in open channels of “intercooperation” between IT Coops and all the movement.
also, I’m interested in co-ops platforms

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Ryan M.Huesca
AIMCooP, currently the COO
Business Integration to IT (Automation)
Interested in Co-op platform

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Tom Ivey

Dotcoop Registry and Registrar (ICANN accredited .coop suppliers)

I work within the cooperative internet industry, also working with other cooperatives to help develop LOD database and mapping projects as well as online services (hosting, ssl, email)

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Hi everyone! I’m Neto,

I am one of the 27 members of Cambá, a tech workers co-op from Buenos Aires. We’re also members of FACTTIC, a tech co-ops federation of Argentina.

We provide teams for software development projects in different technologies (Vue, React, Angular, Node, PHP).

We’re also runnig an educational project:

I’m interested in intercooperation, eduaction and privacy and anonimity on internet.

We’re very excited to be part of this network and hoping we can work together :slight_smile:

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Hi, it is great to see the ICA hosting a Discourse server!

I’m Chris Croome from Webarchitects, we are a multi-stakeholder co-op in the UK mostly doing GNU/Linux sysadmin, hosting and devops, we only work with Free / Libre Open Source Software.

We also host a Discourse site for our members:

And the UK based Co-operative Technologists:

These days I’m spending a lot of my time writing Ansible code, most of which is publicly available on our GitLab CE server at, we are also in the middle of evaluating ERPNext — we hope to use this for invoicing, ticketing, timesheets and more…


Hi Cris,

The hosting is provided by gcoop [0] with our product[1]




Yochai Gal
Win/Mac/Linux sysadmin
MSP/IT Consultant
Founder of two worker cooperatives and cofounder of the Tech Coop Federation.


Great to hear that this site is hosted by a co-op, thanks for the links, and look amazing! :smiley:

OSiRiS (a.k.a. OSiUX)
gcoop, Sysadmin/Developer
My skills basically all run into a terminal/tty, also also programming in bash/php.
I’m interested in intercooperation, free networks, privacy and anonimity on internet.


I’m Graham. UK based. for the day job I implement, support and provide training around the free/libre open source CRM system called CiviCRM. Alongside that I’m a co-founder of Platform 6 - a new cooperative that aims to use the platform co-op model to build innovative new approaches to the support and development of new co-operatives. I’m also currently the chair of the Digital Life Collective, an international co-operative focused on #techwetrust - where we are currently working on an online platform that can support the governance and decision-making needs of our collective, and hopefully others as well, utilising sociocratic approaches to support effective engagement and decision-making in distributed asynchronous organisations. I’ve been involved in the space where technology meets co-operation since desktop publishing became a thing.

Through my cooperative MC3 I’m involved in CoTech, and I’m a member of the management committee at Webarchitects.


Good day,

This Team is Great. An introduction to inter-connect all sectors/committees/regions of ICA.
It’s one of the reasons why the Gaming Industry thru Internet is always ahead. We can make use of it for good.

Thank You.

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Hi there! My name is Joel Brock, founding member of the Tech Support Cooperative. A worker-owned co-op specializing in FLOSS largely focused on supporting the food co-op sector in the US + CAN. We develop deploy and support the CORE-POS point of sale software. We are members of the US Federation of Worker Co-ops, and participate in the Tech Co-op Network.

My areas of expertise lie with LAMP tech, server+network architecture, and retail technology broadly. And my strengths are more on the creative side: video production, motion graphics, graphic design, and the like.

My interests on a grand scale are to help move the Cooperative Economy forward into the modern era by buttressing the distinctly human elements of cooperation using technology.


Hi all!
I’m Gretchen Hacquard and I am the Director of Membership for the International Co-operative Alliance.
I am not an IT specialist, but an advanced user of databases and websites and also a trainer.
My interest in IT is because our members need it and the ICA needs it!

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Hello all,

Adam Herr
Co-Founder of Eyemole Arts and Technology Co-op, Volunteer for Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada

UX Research and Design, Data Visualization
Interested in platform coops and making the coop movement more accessible

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I’m Chris.
I am a member of the coop femprocomuns

We are building a community cloud in Barcelona called CommonsCloud that includes at the moment, Nextcloud, Discourse, Phabricator, LDAP

Pleased to find Free Software advocates working in the same direction here! :heart_eyes:



Hi All, I’m Roy representing Gildedsplinters - a platform cooperative developing new ways to solicit and apply creative thinking to problem-solving. (Most recently, responsible for developing the identity and outreach for the cooperative TLD .coop). Also a director of the Digital Life Collective and, through Gildedsplinters, a member of CoTech. I’ve spent the last 30+ years in technology marcomms.


Hi, I´m Jan-Peter from Hostsharing eG the only german webhosting coop since 2001. Our website is currently german only, but we are preparing an english overview.
Members are the workers as also the customers, We don´t sell services to non-members. I´m not a techie, but activley involved in different coops since 30 years. At hostsharing eG, I´m networking with the platform coop movement and the green community.
Most members of Hostsharing eG are IT specialists and web designers, which want to share a common owned IT Infrastructure. Since our founding, we are running our own server hardware with a LAMP stack. Beside our IT members, we also have coop lovers as members, which may only host a wordpress blog or similar.
Web hosting with self owned server hardware is currently very competitive, but to own the full stack incl. hardware is our DNA.
We are currently in the state to renew our internal administration software including the API for our IT members.
If there is somebody in this group who has experiences with Salt for configuration management, some of our techies would probably be interested for an exchange of experiences.


PS to Chris from Webarchitects: I will remind our techies for your offer to exchange experience for coop based web hosting :-))


Welcome @Jan-Peter!

The co-ops in the UK and also Argentina seem to be mostly using Ansible rather than Salt.

Cheers :slight_smile: