Looking for speakers for Webinar on International Youth Day

Hey Guys,

ICA AP Committee on Youth Cooperation is looking for
1 speakers from all the 4 region. America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Pacific for a webinar on the theme “Transforming Education” and it will depict on the course of cooperative.

I was kind of wondering to get a recommendation from all of you to suggestive youth cooperators, please consider the below criteria to get recommend:-

  1. Person should be well versed in English.
  2. Should possess a cooperative background
  3. Preferable to have a educational cooperative institute background.
  4. Preferable to have coop entrepreneurs
  5. Below the age of 35 years.

If you do have any one in mind please send there a brief bio and a profile picture to the following email:


Have a great day.

Hey Ahsan,

I hit 1, 2, and 5, but not 3 and 4. If you’re still having trouble getting speakers let me know and I can probably put together a presentation. Probably something around the lack of co-operative model focus in regular business education.


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Would you send me your bio and a profile picture to my email. Let me discuss it with our office bearers.

Secondly, if you know anyone from the other regions that would be great.

This is good. i can try too

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That was for 2019 Paulo, we have another event coming up in 2020. You can definitely coordinate with me on this one for sure.
For updates please join the and like the page or you can connect me directly.

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