Mobile Applications (Membership, Banking, Remitance, Shopping)

Good day Guys,
This is Ryan of AIMCooP.
We are a multi-stakeholder Coop with 80 offices.

We are interested to Mobile Application in Full Package for Membership, Banking, Money Remittance, Bills Payment, Shopping and expanding its applications to Business Analytics, Blog-linked, Notifications thru SMS and Email.

Could any tech coop provide this system?

Thank You

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Hi Ryan,
I think this a kind of project that we could take from FACTTIC, but I also know that here there are others potential providers (thinking in people from CoTech and the tech coops federation from US, I don’t remember their name).

In FACTTIC we have made inter-cooperative projects, thinking in cooperation instead competition, so maybe we can exchange some strategies in this way and think together if we can replicate these experiences between the organizations that are participating in this initiative…

what do you think?

P.S: we can schedule a meeting to discuss this with other stakeholders (from CoTech I know @chris)

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There might be a UK co-op interested in this, I’d suggest posting to the jobs board on

Or contact the co-ops directly:

The North American Technology Worker Cooperatives network can be found here:

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This is great!

Sir Kevin,
Had browsed the website of Cotech,
Could you send me a direct link for Factic?

Here are some concerns.
a. How we can avoid competition among co-op tech providers?
b. This service is applicable to all types of co-ops, coz’ all co-ops transacts money. Maybe, this can be incorporated with the other topic about Hosting.
We can integrate, like a Financial Inclusion (International Payment Hub)

We can install a currency converter to reflect a real-time in every co-ops record.

Thank you

Good day Sir Neto,

My apologies.
My reply is supposed to be for you.


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Hi Ryan!

My reply is supposed to be for you.

It’s ok :smiley:

here is the link to FACTTIC website, sadly we don’t have an english version… yet.

About your concerns, I think we can avoid the competition doing an inter-cooperative project. To do that, first we have to have a meeting with all the interested co-ops, know more about the scope of the project, and know the different skills of the participants (Project Leader, Project Manager, Solucion Architect, developers, etc.).

I didn’t read the hosting topic in deep, but I think that it’s possible to develop a solution for many co-ops, we have to think how to finance it.


Thank You Mr. Neto,

Absolutely Yes, Inter-cooperative project is one of the solutions.

Maybe we can move forward with this working on the scope of the project. I will talk with the people of CoTech as Chris mentioned.
We can schedule a videocall next days to discuss about this…

By next week,
Will also feedback the modules in the package we had conceptualized.

This is an opportunity to the alliance.


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