Need for research for international/mutinational platform cooperatives

Posting this as a call for information and/or research to develop guidelines that would be useful in support of new digitally mediated platform cooperatives that aim to operate across multiple countries and multiple jurisdictions.

Some while back as part of my involvement with the emerging cooperative video conferencing service there was some discussion about how that project might best develop one or more legal entities in support of it’s work (it emerged as an unincorporated association involving multiple tech cooperatives).

What are the issues that need to be taken into consideration when assessing how to incorporate projects like these? Clearly there are questions around optimal legal frameworks (some countries have much better cooperative legislation than others) – and I note the publication of a suite of reports on this here: Resources Publications All |
There are no doubt also tax issues to be taken into account, and probably many others.

If we have ambition to grow international/multinational cooperatives as part of the digitally mediated platform cooperative economy then surely access to useful timely information around these questions is fundamental?

Is anyone aware of work already done on these issues, or research that’s underway? Perhaps the Platform Cooperativism Consortium has addressed this area?


Hi Graham.

I think this kind of research is very needed.

Looking the reports from the Platform Cooperativism Consortium, I think the following is related to what you are looking for: “Policies for Cooperative Ownership in the Digital Economy”. It’s a multi case study of public policy in different cities and regions in different countries. Haven’t read it yet.


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Hey @Jorge - many thanks for this. I’ll take a look.

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