Organizing and CrabGrass

I hear from a lot of people that we need better communication tools that we can all use easily, but no one needs another APP. We could benefit from being better in touch with each other. Crabgrass looks like a good lightweight setup and a lot of us are already members of RiseUp. If you are not a member of RiseUp, now is a good time to be one -

Based on our discussion last week, some members of the Tech Coop Network are checking out Crabgrass, AGPL software libre for network organizing from the RiseUp team - Join us:

More info on CrabGrass -

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I followed the link to try to learn more about what Crabgrass actually is. It took me to some wort of wiki page with no useful information that I could easily locate. If anyone can point me to a useful description I’d be grateful.

Further nosing around - I found a link in the footer to some help pages, from where I got to
Somewhat ironic that software which is supposedly about improving communications is so unhelpful.

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RiseUp is all volunteers, we are lucky there is any info at all *LOL

“Crabgrass is a web application designed for activist groups to be better able to collaborate online. Mostly, it is a glorified wiki with fine-grain control over access rights.
Crabgrass is based on Ruby on Rails and MySQL. It is released under the AGPL license, version 3.”

People at Riseup had been doing great and amazing work for activist around the world since 1999.

I’ve used Crabgrass with other people to organize events and have documentation. I think the best part of it is how it controls access to public, users and groups to different parts of the wiki. Most important of all, is how Riseup relates to its users and their information. You should read their policy and politics:

In my opinion, Riseup is way ahead in providing technology for political groups over many movements out there that just recently are compelled to use the internet for organizing.



I remember registering on way back in the day but haven’t really ever played with it…

Let’s see if I can still remember my login…

And yeah, Riseup have been doing this stuff for decades - in the past pretty much all the activist email lists I was on were riseup lists :slight_smile:

Yes Crabgrass is awesome and it is also used widely in activist circles in Germany.

Development seems to be slow and there is quite some backlog of different tasks, e.g. it is still very hard to setup a Crabgrass instance ourself and so a lot of people use

We had some communications with one of their main developers to see if maybe we (or other tech-coops) could support the development of Crabgrass and also find some way to raise funds (crowdfunding etc.). I guess this could be an international afford, sadly we did not work further on this.

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