...Our profiles!

Hi! reading all the interesting threads in this forum, i think that it would be good if everyone complete their profiles, with a little excerpt of they activity and related companies/institutions.
Just thinking…


Yeah, that’s what I was hoping for. I was also thinking of enforcing a full name policy, but then I thought maybe that would stifle creative expression. Because we’re still in pilot mode technically and Gretchen needs ICA approval in late January (or February, I can’t remember), we haven’t quite figured out all the forum rules for participation yet. I do think having a fulling filled out profile should be required for participation though, IMO.

Please add more ideas around governance that you can think of! I imagine we’ll start putting it together in late December/Early Jan. (marking these words here :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Just an insight.

We can’t require them though.
Unless this sector is formalized and has its own by-laws aligned with the Alliance.
For now maybe, it’s a free for all.
However, need to comply regulatory matters like DPA and ETCs.


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