Practical Platform Coop Support Forum

Platform cooperatives are computing platforms that are democratically controlled by their stakeholders, typically the service users and/or content producers. This forum category is for the practical discussion of platform cooperatives, especially focused upon entrepreneurial activity needed to provide community support for the construction, maintenance, and collaboration among cooperatives using platforms.

Resource Description
Announce An email announcement list for platform cooperatives is hosted at
Mastodon A federated micro-blogging service is hosted on, an instance democratically governed by its members, who generally share an interest in the co-op model.
PCC The Platform Cooperativism Consortium is a coordination initiative lead by Trebor Scholz at The New School. The PCC runs a conference series and a startup toolkit project.
IOPC The Internet of Ownership Project Council is an advocacy group lead by Nathan Schneider. The IOPC has started projects such as #BuyTwitter

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