Search for Drupal webform design

The ICA is searching for a designer to help us upgrade and update our event registration design. We use drupal webform that links to civicrm for event registration.

The online registration system is a webform with a drupal interface built over it. This drupal interface needs to be improved to make the user experience easier.

For example, it should be more like a form that you use to apply for a visa where all of the questions are easily seen on one page, then the next page is just to click to verify and pay. This is done in many conferences, and I think would be easier for many of our members who do not fully understand English, French or Spanish. Many of our members also request to be able to see all of the questions at once to be able to get all of the information they need to answer. Also, on some fields, text hides, for example the list of members which you have to select, the full name does not show, which led to many members selecting the wrong organisation.

In order to upgrade this, we would need a designer who understands drupal. Our civicrm experts take care of the webform technical aspects, but cannot do design work.

We are also open other webform suggestions which might provide a seamless interface to civicrm registration module and payment by online credit card.


Hi Gretchen,

Agile Collective, my coop, has extensive experience designing and building Drupal sites and also support a number of sites with CiviCRM integration so we’d be happy to help.

Would you like to arrange a call for next week to discuss? My email is aaron[at]


Hi @ghacquard
Thank you for your message. Here at gcoop we have a lot of experience with Drupal and we are an active member of the Drupal Community (, let us know if we can help with this need.
best regards