Seeking advice/feedback on recruiting ad for cofounding developer position

Hi fellow democracy advocates!

I’m about to put out an ad in a few different forums (including tech coop, which is where I found Patio) to try to find a 2nd developer as a cofounding partner for a fundraising platform that I’m starting, and I’m hoping to get your feedback on the ad itself. It’s a bit vague since we’re trying to keep the concept under wraps until an NDA has been signed. Anyhow, since we’re looking to recruit people who are presumably like you, I hope you’ll let me know what you think and if it might appeal to someone like you. Our company is going to be based in New York so we’re looking for people who can work in the US (citizens, green card holders, etc).

Also, since the technical part of it was written by my Dutch developing partner (and slightly edited by me), I’m hoping that any native English speakers will let me know if it reads well.

And finally, to the admin of Patio: if you don’t feel that this is relevant/appropriate for this forum, please feel free to take it down and to let me know.

If anyone has any tips on forums other than the tech coop mailing list in the US that might be a good place to find a developer with coop values, please let me know.

This is how I’m going to post it:

My team and I are looking to recruit a second developer as a cofounding partner for our completely transformative fundraising platform (this may sound like a hyperbolic claim, but we stand by it :)). We’re based in New York so we’re reaching out so we’re looking for those who can work in the US (citizens, green card holders, etc).

In lieu of describing exactly what our concept is and the many things that set us apart, I’ll share some feedback. This is part of an email from a charity in New York following a presentation of our concept. Charlie is a friend of mine who set up the meeting for us. I’ve left out the company name since it reveals part of the concept:

“Charlie - thank you SO much for putting us in touch with Niclas and the whole [company name] group! We just had a lovely meeting and not only were we completely blown away by the presentation and concept but we can’t wait to hopefully be a part of it all as the roll-out continues. I look forward to hearing from you, Niclas, in the coming months with more information and please don’t hesitate to be in touch if there’s anything we can do to support your growth in New York.”

Who we’re looking to recruit

Above all, we’re looking for a kindly, compassionate soul who treats others with dignity and respect.

We’re seeking an independent thinker, capable of seeing the big picture. You should have the ability to transform ideas into technical solutions. As a partner, and especially a cofounding partner, we need someone particularly dynamic – someone who has the creativity and skills to innovate on their own, and who could potentially oversee the operation of the app independently if need be.

As a cofounding partner, you will not only have a say in the future shape of our service, but also the direction of our company.

Full stack developer

As the second developer on our team, we would like to find someone with a very well-rounded skill set.

You will have some form of Computer Science degree, and/or clearly possess the necessary experience. You are eager to both learn and teach, and have a hands-on mentality.

At least five years’ fulltime experience in programming in languages like Go, Python, C# or Java. Willing to program mainly in Go with a bit of PHP. You will have experience in designing and implementing REST APIs.

In addition to backend languages, you should also feel comfortable programming single-page apps in JavaScript with frameworks like Angular, React or Vue. If you happen to lack experience with the aforementioned JavaScript frameworks, experience in programming mobile apps in Xamarin or native in Java or Swift is also welcome.

You will know how to set up your test and build scripts and make sure that your CSS, JavaScript and images are minimized and that your application performs well on desktop and mobile.

Programming languages: Go, PHP and C# (for mobile)

Frameworks: Laravel (PHP), Xamarin (mobile)

Database: MySQL and Datastore

Hosting: Google Cloud Platform

Experience with Docker & Kubernetes or Xamarin (C#) is preferred.

Familiarity with Git code versioning.

Our company

Our concept is unique and so is our company. It’s a combination of an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) and a Benefit Corporation, which we believe may be the first of its kind in the US. The EOT aspect of it ensures the permanency of the organization’s democratic structure and enables us to attract top talent, and the B-Corp aspect of it allows us to focus on something other than just maximizing profit.

Our values

Based on the crowd we’re reaching out to, this is probably just preaching to the choir, but we think it’s worth reiterating in order to be clear about our mindset.

As an example of how we want to approach things, we could very easily have registered our company as a standard corporation in Delaware and saved a bundle in taxes. However, since we will be based in and operating out of New York, we feel that this is where we should be incorporated and pay our taxes. In fact, not only do we feel that we should, we’re only too happy to do so.


I hope I’ve sparked your interest and I’d love to hear from you and tell you more about us, so please feel free to send your resume and some background to me at developer4eot [at]

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You might want to join Social Coop and message about this opportunity there. Co-Lab Cooperative might also be interested.

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Thanks, Leo! I’m already a member of Social Coop and that’s a great idea! I can talk to Co-Lab as well, but we’re looking for someone as in inhouse developer, but they may well have some feedback so thanks for the tip!

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I’d just give up on this. First, your solution is probably not original. Second, it’s about execution and finding the right people, unless you’re able to tell people what you’re doing, they will have little chance of telling you which of their friends might be interested. Third, NDAs just arn’t cooperative. Fourth, noone will steal your idea anyway… and if they do, fantastic, if they are cooperative, join them, if they arn’t, their non-cooperative form will be a significant differentiator. In short, you’re going to have a huge uphill battle to get anything started. Don’t unnecessarily complicate your life by asking for an NDA.