Sharing Ansible Roles

I see that gcoop have 24 Ansible roles on GitHub, from a quick look they look really robust and well documented, I can clearly learn some things from these :slight_smile:.

At the UK tech co-ops gathering later this week are are going to have a discussion on Ansible and best practices and sharing roles and I wonder if anyone here has any thoughts on this this?

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Hi Chris, also have many others roles in a our private gitlab, maybe in a few months (when passed our testing) those roles will become public (always as GPL)

Try our plugin for pass:

Now I testing AWX (Ansible Tower Community).

There will be live broadcast of the event?


We didn’t have that planned, if you would be be interested in participating via a video link then I expect we could arrange this :slight_smile:.

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Notes from the Ansible discussion we are having are being written to this pad:

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