Should we have Language Tags?

Should we create language tags, so that people whose first language is not english don’t feel like they shouldn’t contribute?

I think it would be better to do this by tag instead of category so that people aren’t split into multiple IT categories by language, etc.

It would require enabling the tag module. I’ve never tried it before but I think it’s worth experimenting with.

What do people think? Allow for multiple languages, not just english, but ask that people indicate with a language tag?

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May I suggest.
In addition to tag, can an automatic translation be available in different languages depends on the reader, however, his/her response will be automatically translated to english?

Thank You

I would prefer the automated way… but there is no harm in trying new stuff

It does look like Discourse has plugins for automatic translation depending on your local. It would be best if everyone can see what everyone writes in their native language (the ones already available that discourse has though… so not all will be available).
Can you install so we can test?

If Brazilian Portuguese can be installed (tag or auto-translate) I’d be happy to do a bit of testing …

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@rodrigo do you think this plugin would be the one to install?

I just installed the plugin, it needs an “translator azure subscription key” or a “translator google api key”, its the only setting it needs. Can you test it?

Blah, OK I’ve read up on it a bit more and I’ll need to create an Azure account. I’ll look at it this weekend (or if I have 30 mins free at work and I’m bored) and I’ll get it configured. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

Ok I think it’s enabled. I created an Azure account and added the API key to the plugin.

It works for me! :slight_smile: Click on the globe underneath the post, it should translate to the user locale language.

Hi Kevin, i can’t see the globe, it’s only me?

I thought that perhaps I didn’t see a globe because my web browser is set to English, but after changing it to Spanish I still don’t see a globe, perhaps it is only enabled for admins?

Apologies for the delay. I’ve been travelling the past couple days.

Chris do you mean you changed the web browser (ie. Chrome?) or the user locale in Discourse settings? @rodrigo as well; if you change the user locale to spanish does that work?

I’ll create a test user account and test on Sunday when I’m back in Ottawa.

I was changing the language preferences in my web browser, sorry I didn’t realise that you have to change the Discourse interface language for the translate glob to display — I can confirm that it does work.

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Funciona muy bien!
It works really well ! :stuck_out_tongue: