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UK Co-operative Technologists home page:

There is also a wiki.

No forum but there is a email list, tech-coop, which is where I found about this forum…


Yeah I hadn’t heard about it before! Gretchen mentioned it to me recently. I’ve been living under a rock.

We have a network of about four tech coops in Germany and we are in the process of building a more formal structure for the future. We are very interesting in getting to know other tech coops and exchanging our experiences and knowledge.


Hello everyone,
My name is Virginie Dewulf and I co-founded and work in an IT cooperative, called Coop IT Easy (, only in French at the moment but translation in English is ongoing).

Coop IT Easy is a cooperative, founded by 4 people, with 6 workers at the moment (all of them are or will be members of the cooperative)

Coop IT Easy is active in the IT sector : we work with the open source ERP “Odoo”, in its Community version (full open source). We developed custom open source solutions for differents sectors : cooperative supermarkets, brewery, short-circuit distribution, cooperative management (online tool to become a member of a cooperative, with all the process managed in one unique tool), etc.

We are super happy to be part of this IT Coop Network!


Welcome :slight_smile:

I’m from FACTTIC, the tech-coops federation from Argentina, and a member of Cambá.

Have you been in touch with the people of Cotech? they’re a network in UK, and we recently visited them… I think that some coops of France have participated in their meeting in last November…

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Could you please tell us a littlebit more, which german tech coops are part of the network incl. some links ?

Dio you have any contacts to Hostsharing eG ? We are a german web hosting coop since 2000…

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I’ve heard about Cotech but never been in contact directly with them.
Would be great to keep contact and meet if there is a next event coming soon!

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The only planned things at the moment are a party and a CoopHack.


Welcome to Patio! I’m glad that our international community is growing everyday!

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I will miss that party :sob:

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