[Tech Co-ops] Let's do a Show&Tell


My name is Nicolas and I am a member of Fiqus, a tech co-op from Argentina, associated to FACTTIC.

Last April along with @neto from Camba, we went to the UK to meet the people of CoTech. It was such a wonderful experience! We went there looking for colleagues and came back with several friends :slight_smile:

As we shared time together, we found many similarities with them, we learned a lot from each other, and we began to think about how to continue these relationships started during the journey once it was finished.

So, once in Argentina, we organized the first Show&Tell together with three other Cotech co-ops. The intention was to show how to develop a web-app in Python/Django, which through an API, communicates the back-end with the front-end made in ReactJS.

The application developed for that S&T shows the tour of the cooperative travel in the UK, and it was released for reuse in this public repository: https://github.com/fiqus/timeline

The app was also deployed in a subdomain of our cooperative site, to show it in action and with real trip information: https://uktrip2019.fiqus.coop/

The main goal of this kind of S&Ts is to build relationships between tech co-ops by sharing a new technology, a developed app, a tech issue or any other matter that can be discussed with another tech co-op. Its duration is half an hour and in case there is a technical discussion it could be stretched to a maximum of 45 minutes - 1 hour.

We propose to do the next S&T on Friday July 26th at 3 PM (UTC) and we want to invite all tech co-ops to join.

What do you think? Will you join us?

We are going to connect through Zoom, a platform for video calls. To download the client, you can do it from here: https://zoom.us/

Room ID: 762-819-755
Hours: 04:00 PM London (3pm UTC)

All the best,


Hi Nicolas! My name is Ramiro, and i am a member of Bantics Coop, associated to FACTTIC too.
I will join to the S&T, via what channel do you make this?


Hi Ramiro!

I’m not sure yet. I guess we’ll just wait and see how many people join and then we will propose a platform that works properly with the number of participants that we achieve to join.

As soon as we get closer to the date, we’ll define it.

Stay tuned.

All the best,


As part of Facttic the members of the Cooperativa Geneos, we share the need to give strength to these spaces. We wait confirmation to participate.

Can I take part on this if I am not in a co-op (yet)? Still trying to find my place!

Yes, I will join the chat! Thanks for posting Nicolas!! We need this on a grand scale.


Hey! Pehuén here from Nayra coop in Argentina.
I’m all for S&Ts. Had the luck to already participate of some, and can assure they’re really worth it.
Thank you, Nico, you can count with members of my team to join in!


Hi there, John from Code-Operative here, met you guys at the CoTech gathering in Sheffield.

We’d like to attend this show and tell, if you’d like a zoom pro room for it, we can create one.

Looking forward to this event!


Hello there, this is Santiago from Cambá Coop.
I couldn’t be there for the previous S&T so I’m kind of anxious on this one. I’m pretty sure this meetings will help us strengthen our knowledge and relationship.
I’m staying tuned for the channel info :v:

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Sadly it looks like I won’t have time this Friday. But I hope it won’t be the last show&tell :slight_smile:

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Yes, you can join the S&T.

We hope you can join a cooperative soon!

Hi John,

Nice talking to you again.

It’s great that you can join in! Let’s use the room you propose for the talk.

Could you please send the room ID?


Hi Pau!
Can you give more info about you (like where you are, skills, interests)?
Maybe we can help you to find a place :blush:

Also, I think that it’s a good practice to complete our profiles, due to the different people, countries, organizations and cooperatives that are in this forum.

best wishes!

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Hi everyone! I’m Diego from Fiqus and this Friday I’m going to present a brief introduction to 2 free open-source apps that we’ve developed as part of our “Fiqus Labs” experiments and its results so far =D

Both were developed with Elixir, running on the amazing Phoenix webserver!

Surgex: https://github.com/fiqus/surgex
Web application for Argentina’s surgery services, a simple surgeries/surgeons/patients manager.
We implemented Vue.js as front-end app and Elixir Phoenix as back-end API (json).
Sorry it’s in spanish only! (for now, we could gladly translate to english if it’s useful to somebody =)

Live Qchatex: https://github.com/fiqus/lqchatex
Live websocket chat app that uses several Elixir/Erlang features like Phoenix LiveView and Erlang Mnesia.
No front-end app needed! Everything is beatifully handled server-side by LiveView. =]

Sorry I couldn’t include several links to each technology named here!
(new users are only allowed to insert 2 links per post)

Hope everyone enjoys the S&T!
See ya soon, cheers!


Yes, here’s the call room for Friday.

FIQUS Show and Tell
Time: Jul 26, 2019 04:00 PM London (3pm UTC)

Join Zoom Meeting

Room ID: 762-819-755

See you then!


Hi all,

First of all, many thanks to members of FACTTIC who have put effort into kickstarting the initiative in the international dimension!
I’m sorry for missing the first S&T (great web!), will do my best to make it to the coming one this Friday.

I could offer, on behalf of my co-op, doing a little S&T of AR Foundation, which is a Unity’s high level augmented reality API allowing for cross-platform (Android & iOS) development of progressive (spatially aware) AR apps, something previously impossible. The session would provide a quick intro to mobile AR, followed by configuring the build and coding some basic functionalities to make the app interactive. AR Foundation is still in experimental stage but it has a great potential. Below please see the stack.

Please let us know if this is of any interest to you, can come up for something lower level!
Last Friday of August, the 30th?


Hi Szczepan!

Very interesting your proposal!

I agree to do the next S&T on Friday August 30th.

We hope to see you this Friday.

Hi everybody,

Please remember that we are going to connect through Zoom, a platform for video calls. To download the client, you can do it from here: https://zoom.us/

Room ID: 762-819-755
Hours: 04:00 PM London (3pm UTC)

Please let me know if you have any problems trying to connect.

We look forward to seeing you.



Hi all,
I’m Álvaro (but everybody call me Chapa), from gcoop. We know we are in the final hours, or minutes if we speak correctly, for this encounter, but we wanna ensure our participation. Francisco and myself are going to be present today :slight_smile:
See you there!


Great, see you in 45 minutes in the Zoom room!