Tech-Coops chat / Mattermost

At the last international tech-coops call there was the idea to setup a Mattermost instance or a similar chat solutions for international exchange between our coops.

The main argument for such a chat platform was to have more everyday communication and exchange between our coops and it was hoped that it would be easier to get more members of our coops on board. What do you think?

I think @neto and @nicolasdimarco wanted to get things going, do you have any updates?


Hey, happy to provide hosting for such an endeavour

I think that it’s a useful tool to the everyday communication. We have a Mattermost instance running in FACTTIC, maybe we can use that creating a new team, or have a new one as Liam says…

In any case we can continue the discussion here…

PS - Both Henning and Liam, maybe you can complete a little bit your profiles, in the case of Henning I know him, and his co-op, but I don’t know anything about Liam, and there is so many new people and names, organizations and countries that I get confused sometimes :see_no_evil: thanks!

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Not intending to throw oil on fire, but why do you guys prefer Mattermost over or They’re all open-source, I’m curious why you chose Mattermost over the others.

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I was about to write something similar, I think that the main thing is that the tool have to be open-source.

I think that we are talking about mattermost because we use it in FACTTIC, and we mentioned that to henning…


We use riot within our org, and I feel it very lacking compared to slack, as it is not obvious that creating new channels is welcome. And lack of threading is a big issue.

(We use it because we have a few distriuted web folks who really vibe with its federated nature. But it personally strikes me as the wrong choice for the work that needs doing in our networks right now.)

EDIT: To clarify, I am saying :+1: to synchronous chat, :-1: to Riot, and :+1: to Mattermost/Slack/whatever :slight_smile:

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We had the same discussion in our call :wink: The thing is someone needs to set it up and FACTTIC said they had expierences with Mattermost and would look into it.

Besides the technological discussion. Do we even have a consensus that a tech-coop chat platform (something slack-like) would be a good idea and helpful for our process?


About Matterbridge chat bridge

I’ve been very excited about the possibility of using an open source chat bridge called matterbridge to allow connecting many different chat spaces without requiring people to migrate out of their comfortable home bases. Let’s face it, new communication spaces are often a burden – We’d all prefer if the people we wanted to speak to were simply in a room or two within the place we already are, right?

(Matterbridge is not just for Mattermost, but integrates 20 different chat providers.)

Matterbridge is a really robust bridge, which can relay not just new messages, but “user is typing” statuses, edits, deletions, attachments, and threading (depending on specific platforms being bridged).

Translation feature prototype

When I was more actively contributing to the project, I created a proof-of-concept translation feature, allowing creation of doppelganger channels within your own Slack team, in which auto-translation would be dumped. (Ex: Mandarin and Korean messages in #general, might be translated in English for anyone in #general-en, or Japanese for people in #general-ja.)

Potential future “portal” feature

But the real value imho, would be in using matterbridge to drive a “portal” service that completely detached “topic channels” from any one service. Kinda like

The idea would be to create a small app that allows folks to create a “portal” for a topic like “tech worker coops”, which could maybe be shared via a URL like

People visiting that link could see an option to authorize a chat services they’re a member of. This would update the config of the matterbridge instance, adding a new team/channel to the config. So then, any slack team that wanted to have a global portal for “tech-worker-coops” could just add it, and all the messages from participants on the portal would get relayed :slight_smile:

Current status

Of course, the above doesn’t yet exist – for now, the config needs to managed manually in a git repo, like here:

It can however be rendered for easy viewing and understanding of who’s also on the bridge:

Anyhow, sorry, that’s a lot of information, but I feel it’s relevant to how we might want to imagine this working!


And fwiw, the emergent effect from a translation bridge was that it didn’t need people to “be considerate” or pre-judge what non-native speakers might be interested in. Everyone could see the [admittedly bad] translations, and know whether to pipe up and ask for more details :slight_smile:

It allowed for more serendipitous connections imho. It was so gratifying to implement, because whenever an English-speaker responded to a Mandarin message, I knew that that was a connection across spacetime and between countries that simply wouldn’t have happened previously…!

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@patcon Interesting project, but I am not sure how that helps us in the short-term :smiley:

There seems to be already a #tech-coops channel on, we could just use that channel for now (although I do not know who created the channel).

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@hng has created a community in matrix:

we’re playing there, there is a tech-coops room:

If someone else want to try it, just create an account here

there is a mobile, desktop and browser app

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tl;dr - this sorta thing: Matterbabble: Discourse Matterbridge integration

It would require installing the Babble chat plugin on each instance, so that’s non-trivial. With that, I could host Matterbridge on Heroku (for easy starters), and then even without adding a new Mattermost team, we could tie together:

(Babble chat rooms on Discourse are “per-topic” and only visible to signed-in users.)

The idea is that we could stitch together all the spaces, creating one or more “liminal spaces”. We could allow more cross-talk without necessitating a totally new one :slight_smile:

The config is managed publicly on GitHub via pull request, like so. (Tokens must be sent to an admin to be added to the app itself)

The translation stuff is just a poke at what’s possible, so I shouldn’t have confused the matter.

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Thanks @hng! Can you add me?

Also, anyone in (exceptions, if we’re being picky: burak is a client, ansuz is a collaborator who wasn’t able to join)

Also, I can check if we want our public room added to the community, if that’s how we’re planning to use it :slight_smile:

fyi or others who find this, some convo continuing in that riot “community” that @hng started/admins. Yay!

(Matrix/Riot communities are like a team on other platforms – essentially a group of rooms and users.)

Main downside I’m seeing in the Riot model is that “rooms” (aka channels) can only be added to a “community” (aka team) through the one person who created the community – that’s thankfully @hng.

But also, this feels like an important lack of flexibility, and feels constrained compared to organic nature of growing spaces in mattermost/slack. This tilts me toward favouring Mattermost, as FACTTIC does…

We could also poke Matrix devs to understand the roadmap around this UX and permissions issue.

(Not sure how we decide if this platform is locked in as a final choice or whatever.)


Here’s a discord chat group for all things related to cooperatives.

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Hi everybody!

I’m very pleased to announce our colleagues from coops in Arg. installed a Mattermost instance under patio’s domain: Will soon do a post to pass the notice on to everybody else on the forum.

A tiny FAQ:
Who may join? To start it off, it will be for active associates to tech coops. We hope it will work as a mean for coops from different regions to build relationships.

How do you join? One person per coop may reach me: pehuen.rodriguez at or Niqus: nicolasdimarco at We’ll provide a register link. You may afterwards invite other members of your coops.

How do we identify ourselves? For ease of reference we propose to use name_coop_countryShort as username. E.g.: my user would be pehuen_nayra_arg

Please join me tanking people who’s worked on this and is on a constant effort to build bridges which bring coops from different places around the world together. We hope many people will join the chat, because together we’re much stronger :muscle:


Brillaint, thank you so much for your effort! Looking forward to jumping into the stream!


I’d love to get an invitation link :slight_smile:


Done :smiley:


Hello guys!
All this looks amazing! So far, I’ve managed to register to the Discord platform, which seems to be active and good @LeoSammallahti :slight_smile:
I’m also awaiting for @Pehuen to send me a registration link to the Patio chat – can’t wait to see it!
@neto, the link to the Riot does not seem to work with me?

All this leads me to the following thoughts. I see on Discord an interesting channel called “Jobs and opportunities”.
It’s pretty much the same as the channel “New projects” on Happy Dev chat.

I know it can sound lame, but I find it quite sad that we have two different platforms which contain similar information for similar people, but which are unable to share this information one with another…

Is there anyone else concerned with such issue? Should we try to aim for platforms which are able to exchange information while remaining independently managed by their respective communities?

I don’t know if all this makes any sense to you guys :slight_smile: