[Tech-Coops] We've got a Mattermost!

Hi everybody! I realize I’m kinda copy pasting my post from this other topic. But it feels like the notice belongs in its individual topic.

So again, this is to continue with the announcement and inform everybody that our colleagues from coops in Arg. installed a Mattermost instance under patio’s domain: https://patio.ica.coop/chat/.

A tiny FAQ:
Who may join? To start it off, it will be for active associates to tech coops. We hope it will work as a mean for coops from different regions to build relationships.

How do you join? One person per coop may reach me: pehuen.rodriguez at nayra.coop or Niqus: nicolasdimarco at fiqus.coop. We’ll provide a register link. You may afterwards invite other members of your coops.

How do we identify ourselves? For ease of reference we propose to use name_coop_countryShort as username. E.g.: my user would be pehuen_nayra_arg

Please join me tanking people who’s worked on this and is on a constant effort to build bridges which bring coops from different places around the world together. We hope many people will join the chat, because together we’re much stronger :muscle: