The 1st International Coop Community Meeting

Hi Everyone!

We are excited to announce the 1st International Coop Community Meeting, based on the Mattermost patio chat participation!

Our community is waking up and we would like to jointly evolve cooperation among coops from all over the world.

Please keep the slot on the 4th of June, Friday, at 15:00 UTC. We are going to present the results of a survey announced a few months ago, propose a tangible approach, agree on milestones and discuss the next steps together.

If you are part of a tech cooperative, and you would like to join the chat and the sessions, please drop us a line at and to follow up with some details.

Thank you and see you soon!



Sounds interesting. What was the survey about?

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Looking forward to seeing you tonight - if I don’t pass out before midnight :sweat_smile:, ciao from Tokyo :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Oh I couldn’t participate in the meeting :frowning: Do you have a presentation to share with us?

Hi everyone!

Last Friday we celebrated the First International Tech Coops Gathering. Thank you very much to the ones who managed to join, we had 49 representatives from 31 different tech coops from all over the world and now we reached 110 members in the chat!

We know that during the meeting we presented a lot of information, that is why we want to share it in an orderly way so that you can read it and share it with the rest of your colleagues.

Here are the links:

  • Recording of the International Community gathering session from 6th of June 2021
  • Chat notes during the session
  • Link to the Miro Board we presented - you can add comments, fill in sticky notes and create your own corner in the board
  • Link to the Manifesto
  • Link to the Survey Results

During the meeting we agreed:

1) To have a monthly community assembly. A date for this meeting has yet to be defined, so the coordination group can propose a date that is comfortable for the majority.

2) To work on 3 topics through a specific channel within the global chat:

The idea is to work during the month prior to each meeting, and then present progress during the general assembly. Each group should be self-managed: they will agree on the frequency of their meetings and should designate a person within the group who will rotate to share the results during the assembly.

Please feel free to join any of them to work with colleagues from other cooperatives! We believe that in this way we will begin to work on concrete actions while continuing to build relationships among the cooperatives.

3) To expand the coordination group and make it public, so that everyone who wants to join can do so. The main purpose of this group is to continue working to shape the community. Among the activities we thought of mentioning: Organize the next assembly, propose an agenda, work on tasks that may arise from the assemblies and organize the next steps of our roadmap.

4) For the next meeting, if we have many people representing the cooperatives and we have to discuss a particular topic, we will divide the groups to improve the dynamics of participation. This way all voices are heard.

Finally, in the roadmap we shared with you, we told you about the idea of setting up a hackathon to have our own landing page, with a list of all the cooperatives that are part of the community, to show how we relate to each other to achieve common goals. We consider this to be a medium term goal, but we want to emphasize the idea so that we all share a common goal that finds us working together in collaboration.

We want to emphasize that the community belongs to everyone and therefore everything can be changed. We need everyone’s voices to build it. So please feel free to raise any questions/comments/observations.



Very impressive!! I hope this is going to provide much needed structure to stand on :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I especially like the emphasis of democratic ownership and control :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This old interview reminds me why we need economic democracy. In my opinion, worker cooperatives are not the end but the right place to be in our time, right now, for the continuation of the radical spirit. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: