Tools for the coop movement

I will write a series of articles for members which would give advice on different tools that they could use to help them, as well as links to IT coops who could help them implement it. I will make a preference for tools that are developed by or for coops or are open source. This is, I believe, especially needed during this time.

I plan at first to do two articles:

  1. One which I will draft next week about tools to help the cooperative movement telework more effectively.
  2. The second will be drafted for June and highlight different tools developed by and/or for coops.

If you know of any tools/apps that I should highlight in any of the articles, please let me know! If you can send me the following information for each, it would be much appreciated:

• Tool/app name
• Developed by. Are you a coop, company, etc…?
• Short explanation of the app. What problem will it solve for the cooperative movement?
• Web link for more information about the app
• Photo for the article
• Cost
• Who recommends/uses the app


Hi Gretchen,
We blogged about open source remote work tools recently:

Welcome to give us a shout if you’d like to try anything out or have any questions,

I hope that you all are keeping well in this challenging time,
Best wishes from GreenNet!

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Hi @ghacquard!

My name is Naska, nice to meet you!
I am part of a digital coop based in Bulgaria, called Camplight.
We recently developed 2 tools that we used internally and decided to share them, as we experienced the value of using them.

  1. Moodlight - Emotional intelligence for teams, an instrument for helping teams to be present, to recognize their emotions, share them, and work on achieving another level of team synchronization and vibration.
  2. Assista - bot for effortless time tracking for Trello. We wanted to use time tracking instrument that follows your workflow, without thinking of stop/start buttons. A great way to check how fast your team is handling tasks and develop some healthy habits for remote execution.

Currently, the products are not open source but have free trial periods.
We are a remote company from day one and instruments like this helped us a lot stay synchronized, keep our productivity and achieve good results.

Hope this shared info will be beneficial for you. :slight_smile:
If you would like to have a Demo or more details, happy to have a chat.


If you need any advice on digital security for remote work you could contact me. We don’t develop tools, yet, but we know great free software that we implement with our clients.

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DigidemLab /, femProcomuns / CommonsCloud and Webarchitects have established a new co-operative with the aim of providing an open source, co-operative alternative to corporate systems such as Zoom:

Other organisations are welcome to get involved, we don’t yet have a BigBlueButton server up and running but hope to soon.

Webarchitects are able to offer Nextcloud servers for organisations (as an alternative to G suite / Office 365).

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Feel free to reference our blog post where we review the tools that Agaric Cooperative uses daily -

Also –

Our web development cooperative is offering free half hour consultations for any cooperative seeking a new or improved website, more participatory internal or external communication, or learning opportunities. Just ask:

To continue our best work, we’re looking for referrals or partners for setting up community resource locators based on our open source free software program and event finder:

We are also offering paid trainings in Drupal development, migrations to Drupal 8/9, and online security:

As well as our usual web application development services for fields from news - - to health -


Hi @ghacquard, I missed your post earlier.

Could we still get on the list? Our product is Kantree, a work management and collaboration platform , developed by our remote-first co-op Digicoop. Let me know and I’ll send the full info!

The Members’ Brief has been sent, but the list online is a working list, so we can update it as we hear about more apps/tools. Therefore, please do send me the details!

Great, thanks! I sent you a DM.

Hi @ghacquard,

I have been brainstorming with folks with connections to large (worker) coops in and out of Japan - it seems that majority of them regard IT as specialist field and have not expanded the cooperative ecosystem to ICT service providers.

There is a huge opportunity cost because of this - the amount of money being spent by established coops for services from Google, Microsoft, Zoom, etc can instead be spent on worker cooperatives that can provide coop alternatives.

I think we ought to create a working group or something for “Tools for the coop movement”, have an online meeting, etc. What do you think?



Hi @yasu,

I think this is a great idea! A working group on this topic would be great, but I think it is better if it is done by IT coops. Do you want to organise a first online meeting and I can help spread the word?


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Hi @ghacquard, thank you, there was a suggestion of monthly meeting today at
Maybe this could be used for our purpose as well, if it takes off :smile:

I will post more if I find other possible venues as well :smile:

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I have been learning how to use the GNU Guix operating system lately and I think this can become the ultimate ‘tool for worker coops’.

It allows the integration and customization of various tools (although the step of "packaging for Guix is required and this could be very difficult).

I will post more in the future :smile:

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Hello @yasu !
I’m interested in your initiative, I think we could find some good synergies with what Startin’blox is aiming for.
Would you be available for a call in the next few days?
Please reach me via email:

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Hi Louis,

Sure! Let me send you email now :smile: