Want Assistance in Spreading the Global Youth Coop Webinar 2.0 12th Aug 2019 in Social and Other Netowrks

Dear All,

ICA - Asia and Pacific Committee on Youth Cooperation is organizing a Free-for-all Global Youth Coop Webinar 2.0 in commemoration of International Youth Day, 12th August 2019, on the theme “Transforming Education”.
Speaker from the 4 corners of the world representing each region (America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Pacific) will be sharing there experience and knowledge, with there sub themes in terms of Cooperatives.

In the light of the above events we would like you all to participate and circulate the message of participation in your social and other network to make the coop webinar a success.

  • Registration is mandatory. Please click here for registration.

For further details please visit the site
Global Youth Coop Webinar 2.0

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