Web provider for the ICA: Drupal

Dear all,

We are revisiting the conditions and services of our current web provider and would like to consider other IT coops to work with.

Could you please recommend us partners to manage and keep on improving/enlarging our web?

Some details:
The website/s are developed in Drupal. We managed ica.coop but also others from ICA committees and regional nd sectorial orgs…
It needs to be a structure able to answer to complex projects as we are developing a strategy of subsites (e.g. visit https://ccr.ica.coop/en) that will keep on enlarging next year. Our Drupal website is connected to our database in CIVI CRM so a knowledge on this tool would be relevant.
I will send more details and a brief to a selection of coops the IT network consider reliable and engaged to work with the ICA. If you have any question, you can write to me at luengo@ica.coop

I am collecting information about relevant providers until 20 November.

Thanks a lot

Leire, ICA Comms Director

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Agaric is a worker-owned co-op that specializes in Drupal.

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The main Drupal co-op in the UK is Agile Collective and they support a lot of big Drupal sites and I’d suggest you contact them, (I work for them one day a week doing sysadmin and DevOps).

Hi @leire.luengo

We at Agile Collective specialise in building and supporting Drupal websites for charities, non-profits and public sector organisations so we’d be very happy to discuss this with you. I believe we spoke a while back after @felixwave introduced us about some work on your site.



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Hi Leire,

gcoop are drupal coop :slight_smile:

https://www.gcoop.coop/desarrollo-web (In spanish)


Deep respect for Drupal (got my start in tech through self-learning Drupal), but wondering: Is the conversation around [CMS] platform an open question? If not, when might it concretely become one, as far as tech roadmaps go?

I ask because if the hired consultants are always Drupal shops, then no matter how amazing and talented they might be, it’s likely that an innocent skew in the advice will help persist the Drupal choice. This will happen even if the landscape is changing underfoot and new considerations arise.

My professional opinion is that Drupal is not always the best tool for a job – though I don’t wish to open that conversation on merits here.

But when might we advocate the choice to use something else? Perhaps for small experimental projects, so that ICA can try its bearings with other things (while the main target is perhaps still Drupal)?

cc @neto @nicolasdimarco