What other networks should we inform about this category?

We should spread the word that there is a tech-coops category on this ICA Discourse server, who can we think of to contact? Here are a couple of places that we should post about it to get things started:

Where else?

Any volunteers to write an introduction to use for this and to post it?

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We are in touch with tech-coops from Spain, adn a group of guys of GAIA, a pre-cooperative[1] group who is participating in FACTTIC are now traveling there, and they’ll be in contact with them. We’ll tell them about this space.

In this forum is also @hng from Germany, if there are other coops there he can tell them.

[1] In Argentina it’s really hard to get the paperwork done to became a cooperative, that’s why in FACTTIC are pre-cooperative group, we help them to finish the paperwork and consolidate their project.

Coopdevs.org in Catalonia. I can reach out.

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Platform6 has a nice list of coop related online communities, most of them seem like places we could reach out to. I linked this forum to the four discord chat groups in the list.

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