Why is this forum private?

Hi, I was wondering if someone could explain why this forum is private and not public?

Hi Chris, we just lauched this forum, is currently on Bootstrap mode, (less than 50 users), i think we have to test it, and then discuss the private/public topic.

Cheers Rodrigo

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I would humbly suggest that the more content that is posted to a private forum the harder it is to then make it public — people tend to post slightly differently on private forums compared to public ones… So if this decision is postponed then it’ll probably end up being stuck as private as there will be material on it that wouldn’t be suitable to be made public, but I would be happy to be proved wrong :slight_smile:.

It is easy to have private threads or even private categories on a public Discourse forum … that way you have the best of both worlds, there is public content that people can read before they consider signing up for an account and if it is necessary to discuss some things in private between seleted people then this can also be done.

It is also worth noting that even when a forum is totally private that the uploaded files are accessible to non-authenticated users if they have the URL, I was involved in procuring a plugin to address this for a client, see this thread:

My suggestion would be to make this forum public.


Hi Chris,

It’s a good suggestion and I think that is the intent. The IT Network “committee” was just struck together two weeks ago, @leitomonk and the gcoop team set this up and did the theme-ing in record time. Gretchen Hacquard from the ICA and Shree from ICA Asia Pacific are leading the charge. I’m sure they will join the forum this week and they’ll indicate their plans. I think the intent is to have some public areas and some private areas.

Re: files, my plan was to propose the creation of a nextcloud instance for linking to files. Which would be a workaround to that file sharing privacy issue. Up for debate though. We’re still determining the structure and direction of the ICA IT Network so you’ll have to bare (bear?) with us.

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Good idea, but potentially somewhat complicated to setup, maintain and also use… CommonsCloud have LDAP single sign on working for Discourse and Nextcloud and I’m sure they would be able to share how this works if that sounds like a good option, there is also the Discourse SSO Nextcloud app that enables Discourse logins via Nextcloud and it also appears that it can be done with Discourse acting as SSO for Nextcloud, but that code is rather lacking in documentation…


Nice thanks. I’ll read up on these.

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A weeks ago I discovered the CoTech forum, and I’m still reading a lot of threads, and discovering a lot of interesting discussions, co-ops, projects, etc.

I think our discussions have to be open and public, having some private areas for sensitive information…


DONE! Is public

We are new with the tool and we are learning about its use.


Genio!!.. sorry… Genius!! :blush:

Are you sure? I just checked with another browser and I just got the login page…


No, Site-Feedback is public.

Discourse is for members o future members of IT Network from ACI.
The invitation was to join the network.

There is a document on the subject, that is why the discussion of how to share files

It isn’t for me… am I missing something?

lynx -dump https://patio.ica.coop/c/site-feedback
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   1. https://patio.ica.coop/opensearch.xml
   2. https://patio.ica.coop/
   3. https://patio.ica.coop/login#welcome
   4. https://patio.ica.coop/
   5. https://patio.ica.coop/categories
   6. https://patio.ica.coop/guidelines
   7. https://patio.ica.coop/tos
   8. https://patio.ica.coop/privacy
   9. https://www.discourse.org/

@chris the discourse ins’t public.

It was my mistake, I thought they were talking about this category

I repeat:
Discourse is for members o future members of IT Network from ACI.
The invitation was to join the network.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear, I was suggesting that the whole site of this Discourse site should be made public and if necessary some private categories / threads could be used for things that can’t be public — I fail to see the need for secrecy, or am I totally misunderstanding the point of this forum?


@chris it’s ok, i’m lost in translation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@KevinM @Tom @Ryan I do not know who would be responsible for making that decision


We’re waiting for the ICA employees to give us direction. I’m open for opening it up but I think they’re busy with a conference in Iran at the moment. The ICA Asia-Pacific biennial conference is running Nov 26th - 30th.

In the meantime we’re approving everyone that requests registration.


Hi all, just joining the conversation.
The reason we are not making it public yet is because it is in the incipient stages, as Kevin mentioned.
We wanted to test how it could work before we bring the proposal to the Board of the International Co-operative Alliance to formalise the IT Network. So, right now, this is just informal network to see if there is enough demand and to work out the kinks. Please click here to learn more.

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I’d be happier to participate in a public forum.


@rodrigo and @kevinm. I think we can go public now. The ICA Board was supportive of the IT Coop Hub idea! I will be announcing to our members at the end of the month. Then, we will have a burst of activity!


That’s great news! I will talk to the admins @ gcoop and we will open Patio!