Workers' Cafe Tokyo (May 2022)

(Feel free to get in and out during the event)

Ujjwal’s presentation, in English, will start at 19:00JST

This will be the 4th workers’ cafe in Tokyo, where we aim to create a community of workers!

Ujjwal from Igalia

will kindly present how Igalia worker coop from Spain, over video conference.

Igalia worker cooperative and also specializes in web browser development.

For location, time, etc, please see:

Unfortunately, I missed attending this presentation. Can you share the recording? It will be very helpful for me.

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Sorry, I just could not find the ‘record’ button (there was another request) so that was that😅

It was an excellent presentation though and we did not have enough time for our chat - perhaps we should invite hime back!

In addition, I am trying to coalesce multiple efforts / ideas I am involved in into Digital Commons (@digital_commons)

Maybe we can invite Ujjwal in that forum as well!

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Yeah, that will be totally great. Looking to learn from him.

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This is from another online presentation (I was there too) of Igalia.

There may not be a lot of English but here it is: