Working under COVID-19

Hallo Cooperators, greetings. How are you doing. How are you coping with COVID-19 there??


Tough as any thing I have faced. But here is one of the things that I have notice. there is no laying of in the Cooperatives. We are the only industry in my knowledge in Pakistan that are not firing people in these tough times.

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The things here are pretty difficult too. We are feeling the economic crisis and a lot of projects was cancelled. We’re working very hard in FACTTIC sharing projects and clients among our members, in order to help the coops who are lacking in projects.

Regarding our country, Argentina, the government took quick measures to avoid the virus spreading, and is providing financial help to the formal and informal economy workers, families, vulnerable people, etc. It’s not a lot of money, but it helps.

Thank you for opening this thread to talk about how we are facing this crisis… :heart:

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Startin’blox is also actively working on this topic. We are implementing a solution aimed at:

  • equipping NGOs with digital solutions for managing volunteers in a federated way (i.e. capacity to pool your resources with other NGOs);
  • connecting these NGOs with care cooperatives, to ensure that nobody is left aside despite increasing demand for home care services.

Here is some information – in French only unfortunately.

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